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Jenn is a clairsentient, clairvoyant Angel Therapy Practitioner, certified with Doreen Virtue, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Writer and Teacher. Her focus is to bring you healing energy and messages from your angels and guides. Jenn has a natural gift of feeling how you feel which allows herto help you past what is blocking you in life. Her voice is soft and loving, always encouraging you to continue moving forward along your soul's path.

Jenn can connect with your angels to bring forth loving messages that will allow you to know which path to take, or assure you that you are on the right one. These messages come from a place of love and light and always give you an inner feeling of peace, strength, wisdom and comfort.

Through her coaching skills Jenn will assist you with taking the steps you need to take to live your life more harmoniously with more joy, happiness, and prosperity. She will be there to support you as well as bust your chops in a loving manner.

Jenn has worked with the Angels in healing many areas of her life, bringing forth a wealth of wisdom from within. She will send you healing energy, and teach you which angels to call upon to heal any area of your life. Jenn's healing energy is very warm and loving, you will know when she is working with you. Distance healings are just as powerful as one on one sessions. Jenn also has a nitche for assisting you with healing through meditation, and will intuitively guide you to where you need to go within for your ultimate healing experience

As a healer Jenn believes that when there is pain in your life the root of that pain lies in emotions. When you tap into that emotion, and are guided to where the root is, you are better able to release that pain completely. You are better able to understand yourself at a deeper level, and move forward with a renewed sense of self, of inner peace, and of inner love.

She offers sound vibrational healing with the crystal singing bowls. This healing is very relaxing and very deep, healing on all levels. The powerful sound vibrations flow through your body releasing any blocks and balancing and harmonizing the chakras. This healing can be done remotely and is just as powerful as if you were sitting right with Jenn. Schedule an appointment for more than 20 minutes and you will receive a reduced rate.

Jenn has brought forward a meditational healing gift from past lives. She offers an Enchanted Forest Healing Experience where she goes into the forest, connects with you energetically, sends healing through meditation, and receives messages from spirit for you to continue your healing. Each experience is unique with different Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirits coming through with specific messages just for you. Simply let her know what area of your life you would like healing done on.

Call to set up an appointment for the Enchanted Forest Healing,you will know the date and time the healing will take place then she will email you when your message is ready, then all you have to do is call in to receive your message. Any calls for receiving messages over 20 minutes will receive a special per minute rate. Jenn has received great feed back from International clients regarding these sessions. 

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