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I'm Laurie (a.k.a. Dr. Laurie Moore),a human and animal heart telepath. I assist you with creating fulfilling outcomes with love, money,  spiritual experience, and wellness. I also translate what your beloved animals (alive or on the other side) are communicating. Probable outcomes can be fully shifted according to your Intentions, focus, participation and souls' needs. My work is to assist you in creating a life that fulfills you or your animals highest and happiest purposes.By looking at what is happening and what is destined in layers, we can recreate present experiences and future outcomes for the good.  Using energy work and a multitude of tools, we can heal past disrupts and release no longer needed obstacles. I do speak to animals on the other side as well as animals preparing to cross or preparing to reincarnate. In addition to offering sessions I love experiencing being with my cats, yoga and meditation joys, writing helpfully expressive books and songs, giving focused media interviews, plus swimming and walking in nature.

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